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Perfume show

A spectacular event that gives a huge amount of positive emotions. The event is designed for groups of 10 to 100 people, duration from 2 to 6 hours.  

During the show, we say:

  • About the history of perfumery

  • How different smells affect a person's emotional state

  • What is the structure of the perfume, what is the aroma pyramid

  • How perfume is made, discussing the "secrets" of perfumery

During the show we get to know:

  • WITH  "pure" ingredients for creating a perfume, we try them

  • Learning  distinguish between different notes of perfume

  • We get  idea of how to listen correctly and choose a perfume

  • Let's practice drawing up a scent formula and create 1 scent together with the audience.

Each participant receives a packaged miniature with a manufactured fragrance.

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Corporate master class

2-3 hours of incredible creativity awaits you.

Each employee will try his hand at creating a perfume.  

You will learn about the connection between psychology, scents and their influence on the psyche

Learn to choose the right scents for different types of situations

Learn about different perceptions  fragrances in different cultures and how it can be used.

Each participant will receive an individual perfume, compiled by him personally.

Corporate master class

Perfume bar

perfume bar

What to offer your guests to surprise them for sure?  

A perfume bar with a perfumer behind it is a great opportunity to impress your guests.

During the evening, the perfumer will communicate with your guests, tell them about fragrances and create individual perfumes for them. Each of the guests can be a little perfumer himself and make himself  personal fragrance with the help of our perfumer.

Each of the guests receives an individual aroma as a gift.

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