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Valery Morozov perfumer
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The perfume laboratory was founded in 2013 by Valery Morozov.

The creation of fragrances is our passion. And we want to share it  with you.  

We use high quality raw materials in our work,

produced in our laboratory in Nice.

We have extensive experience in creating individual perfumes, as well as components for aromatizing body care products and home fragrances.



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perfumer, psychologist - founder of the Perfume Laboratory.

He underwent private training at perfumery factories in Grasse.  Has been creating fragrances for 10 years.

Since he has the first psychological education, in his work he strives to combine perfumery and psychology, to reveal the laws of the influence of aromas on our psyche. Examines the influence of different cultures on the perception of odors and the possibilities of using this.

Co-owner of a French cosmetics brand.

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