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Invite a perfumer to the office!

Great gift for March 8th. Our perfumer will come to your office, hold an unforgettable master class on making  individual perfume.

Each participant will leave with an individually created 30 ml perfume.


March 8.jpg

On the one hand, this is a fascinating event that gives a huge amount of positive emotions. On the other hand, it is an educational show, where the participants receive a lot of interesting information. Plus, it's a fun creative process that leaves everyone walking away with a bottle of unique personal perfume.  

In the Theoretical part, we discuss:

  • What types of perfume are there

  • How different smells affect a person's emotional state

  • What is the structure of the perfume, what is the aroma pyramid

  • How we will work and formulate the fragrance formula

In Practical  parts we:

  • Introducing the "clean" ingredients for creating a perfume

  • Learning to distinguish between different perfume notes

  • We get an idea of how to listen correctly and choose a perfume

  • We practice drawing up a scent formula and create  your own perfume.

Master class Perfume Laboratory


Each member creates  unique and unrepeatable personal scent

Everyone is immersed in a fun, creative atmosphere and   get a lot of positive emotions.

Leave a request for a festive master class and we will contact you to discuss the details.

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