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Make a wonderful gift to your friends or loved ones!

Give them a chance to participate in our Perfume Branches.

At brunch we say  about different types of perfume, history of perfumery. About what is currently relevant in the world of fragrances. Trying interesting perfume ingredients. Each participant, under the guidance of a perfumer, creates his own, unique perfume.


What is included in the price:


30 ml customized perfume created under the guidance of a perfumer

Welcome champagne or wine

Light snacks

Price 69 euros  

After booking, we will send you a link to pay with the discount. After payment, within 24 hours we will send you beautiful certificates, which will be enough just to print, put in a beautiful envelope and give




  RESERVATION 1 certificate  DISCOUNT 5%

  RESERVATION 2 certificates  - DISCOUNT 10%

  RESERVATION OF 3 AND MORE certificates 15%

Valery Morozov perfumer

Branch Host

Valery Morozov

perfumer, psychologist - founder of the Perfume Laboratory.

He underwent private training at perfumery factories in Grasse.  Has been creating fragrances for 10 years.

Since he has the first psychological education, in his work he strives to combine perfumery and psychology,  to reveal the patterns of influence of aromas on our psyche. Examines the influence of different cultures on the perception of odors and the possibilities of using this.

Co-owner of a French cosmetics brand.

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